Upholstery Cleaning

best upholstery cleaning Sudbury by Chem Dry of the North

Regular cleanings by us will add
years to the life of your upholstery!

Most homeowners and businesses wait too long to clean their upholstery! Whether they are afraid of the cost of the service or the cleaning of delicate fabrics, they allow stains to remain untreated and soil unremoved for years, until it may be too late.

A proper, thorough cleaning by us can freshen and restore your upholstery and add to the life of the fabric. Our expert technicians are trained to handle the most difficult of fabrics, including Haitian Cotton, Silk, Wool, Velvet, and many other fabrics, including white and off-white fabrics that most services refuse to touch.

furniture cleaning by Chem Dry of the North

We are proud of the fact that we can clean just about any type of fabric there is, including leather & vinyl. Through in depth training, we have mastered the techniques that can clean even the most delicate fabrics.

couch cleaning in Sudbury

Leather products properly cared
for will look great for a lifetime.

Leather furniture and upholstery is a costly investment, and should be properly maintained.

Chem-Dry has developed a leather and vinyl cleaner and a conditioner – protector that thoroughly cleans without stripping natural oils or inhibiting the leather’s ability to breathe.

Trust Us, we are professionals ready to do the job,
with training to do it right! We can clean even antique
and heirloom pieces to like new color and sheen.